Weekly Class Schedule


Tuesday 6:00PM
Alo Yoga, Palisades Village

Thursday 6:00PM
Alo Yoga, Palisades Village

Sunday 9:15AM
Alo Yoga, Palisades Village

You can also find me speaking at large scale events, leading retreats, and teaching workshops – more below.


Workshop Offerings

When you're ready to go deep, I'm here for you. Let's talk if you'd like to book a workshop for your company, festival, or studio. Build a stronger, more complete practice with one of my signature workshops:

    Are you a climber? A runner? A soccer player? This workshop is perfect for you if you live an active, athletic lifestyle! You will be guided through a unique warm up with a dynamic stretching sequence which focuses on opening tighter areas of the body like hamstrings, quads, shoulders, and hips while building stability in important joints like the ankles, knees, hips and shoulders. Bring it all together with deep static stretching to take your heart rate down, cut your risk of injury and lessen muscle soreness.
    Good for EVERYONE!

    We are living in a challenging time! Learn yogic techniques to help you stay balanced and aware amidst the chaos. Through harnessing the breath, moving the body, and focusing your mind, you will clean off and super charge your intuitive SELF, come with an open mind & a willingness to work.

    Yoga is more than physical movement, if you use it correctly, it can help to open your heart, heal emotional wounds, and connect on a deeper level to yourself and to others...with this practice, expect to go deep. Come with the intention to be curious, and see what unfolds! You will move through some delicious heart openers, learn a few amazing partner stretches and relaxing Thai massage techniques...get ready to let the LOVE FLOW!

    Come and learn playful sequencing to work on opening your shoulders, and heart space. This class will help you to release tension in your upper body, while connecting you deeply to your intuitive center, and the others practicing around you!
    Class time devoted to lecture: 5-10 minutes

    The polarity between masculine and feminine energy is a sweet and curious place to explore. Learn how to harness and direct your masculine energy while maintaining a sense of strength and consistency as you move. And, balance this masculine energetic expressions of the body by connecting with the more feminine elements of the practice. You will play with creative energy (shakti,) feminine power, and experience deep surrender and release.

    Contrary to what we've been lead to believe about the meaning of the word "yoga," Yoga Nidra isn’t movement based at all. It’s a deep guided meditation that’s been touted for years as “yogic sleep.” This practice will create an abundance of space for you to experience a profound and impactful slowing down. In this new found stillness, curiosity will guide exploration of unfamiliar or fragile spaces in your body. You will be able to locate and let go of anything that’s no longer serving you. Find ease….find relief through awareness.